Hey guess what?!?! You CANNOT “casually” sleep with a guy without any sense of emotional attachment

News flash:

US women are emotional beings!! There is NOOO way you will not develop some sort of emotional attachment to a man you are sleeping with. It is just unheard of, yet I see girls making this same mistake all the time. We justify sleeping with guys by saying “I just want the sex” or “it is what it is, nothing more” but who are kidding ladies??? You are only kidding yourself.

I learned this from the first and only love of my life. We were in the process of breaking up and I felt my heart was being ripped out of my chest. I would do anything, ANYTHING to get him back. He was such a dick to me and I would continue to go over there and sleep with him. I would justify it by saying, “ah I want to do this”, “Oh this is recycling”, ” I don’t care if he doesn’t call me later” BLAH BLAH BLAH. Then as the day went by I noticed my heart starting to beat faster and faster…constantly looking at my phone…then the clock..then phone. I drove myself crazy!!! Until I couldn’t bare it anymore, then would have to text late night. It was soooo sad and terrible. This went on for a month or so after we broke up.

What I didn’t realize at the time is he was getting EVERYTHING out of me that he wanted. I still loved him and I was still sleeping with him…and he had NO obligation to call me, be committed to me, take me on dates, etc. That just is NOT fair. Ladies, please do not continue to sleep with the guy you care about or may even love if he is not giving you what YOU NEED. I set the precedents early in a relationship that a guy must at least take me out on a dates, show interest in my life, and prove to me he is a good enough guy to occupy my time. When a sense of trust has been established in his courting efforts is when you allow yourself to go there with him. (Give it Up) But make him work!! You owe that to yourself!!!! Men love challenges. Trust me.

So this is my challenge for you….;)

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