GUYS!!: What do you think of girls with sense of “entitlement”?

First, let’s talk about the girls that think they are wayyyy hotter than they really are and the girls that are gorgeous, but have an icky side. We all know that beautiful girls have a sense of entitlement to some degree. This is the girl that EXPECTS her dinner to be paid for without offering on any occasion, the one that disrespects you without saying thank you when you do pay for certain things, its as if she doesn’t appreciate what you do for her, the girl that won’t even respect you by not taking out her phone while she is with you. This does sound like etiquette and common decency, however these girls exist everywhere!!!! It is more broad than what mentioned above….it is this particular girls outlook of not having to work, expecting the guy to do everything, and going as far as being inappreciative of what the man is doing for her. You ask yourself uhhhh why are girls like this??? Well, they have been constantly rewarded or gotten away with certain things because of their physical appearance and in their mind they clearly just have to bank off their looks to get what they want. . Do you like these girls?? Can you pin point this immediately?? If so, do you run far far away??? Or do you entertain and try and tame these girls? Or you find beautiful girls with this outlook sexy?

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