We all have insecurites right??? Do you voice them to someone you care about?

If you are in a committed relationship, do you feel it is ok to voice your biggest insecurity??? Or any insecurities that you have??? I personally do NOT mind AT ALL telling someone that I care about and that I am committed to what has always bothered me in life and why, whether that be physical or emotional. In my mind, that is the reason you are in a committed opposite sex relationship….you seek that comfort in being able to tell them anything. (especially if they are asking!!!!)

The reason I am posting this is because one of my girlfriends was upset that she point blank asked her boyfriend when they were laying in bed one morning what he was insecure about in life. He said he couldn’t think of anything. Hmmm….this raises my first question….or better yet calling bullshit!! If someone asks me my insecurity, whether, I choose to tell them or not, I immediately know what at least one is. Right??? I mean right?!?!? Come on! He proceeded to claim after about 15 minutes of her questioning and telling him she wanted him to feel better about it, that she knows it is personal, but she wanted to put his mind at ease…..he still wouldn’t tell her and thought the idea was ridiculous.

What do ya’ll think about this??? I think this poor guy is dying inside to let loose. I know he really wants to get this out and feel comfort in her in knowing she would have his back and would never use this against him. Would you tell your significant other what you are insecure about to clear the air?? Or would you do what this guy chose to do??

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