What I have learned this past month

This is what I have learned from the delivery of my first child through the entire first month of accommodating to the new life. These may not be true for all, but they certainly worked for us.

Delivery: Even though your water breaks, you may not even be dilated. I was dilated to a 2 when I arrived to he hospital at 8am and was in labor until 10pm
Trust in your delivery team. They truly know what is best. I ended up getting an epidural the same time as they started to induce me at 11am. When they turned the pitocin up..the baby’s heart beat went up. She didn’t like it. So they had to keep it at a mild induction. Hence, very long labor.
St lukes east is a tremendous hospital to deliver. Every nurse was very kind and attentive.
C section is a major surgery – be prepared to not be able to walk for a couple of days. I remember that first time stepping down out of the hospital bed. I could not even stand up straight and had to lean on my husband. Walking was out of the question. I had to barely shuffle step by step. Sitting down on the toilet was even harder. I guess I just didn’t realize how major the surgery was.
Utilize the nursery while you’re in the hospital. They won’t be around when you get home at 2, 3, and 4am
Bring minimal items to the hospital. I literally stayed in one pair of pj’s the entire time.
A warm and Cozy robe is a must have. Also warm cozy socks.

Take everything you can from the hospital. Of course all the baby things..the snot sucker…baby beanie, hair brush, etc. But also take and ask for more pads as well as women panties for recovery. I used so many of those.

When you get baby home…
You will not be sleeping more than 3 hours at a time. You will be very sleep deprived but you will adjust.
You will learn what works best. For instance..joe will feed twice at night (9 or 10pm and 12 or 1am) and I take the Entire morning shift since he has to go to work at 6am.
You must get out at least once a day when you can actually drive. If you don’t, then you will get major cabin fever. You must remember to take care of yourself in order to care for another.
You will get frustrated! You will argue with your partner! You are basically fighting over who is more deserving of sleep. Ha then you will be fighting over dumb dumb things because you are so sleep deprived that you just want to argue. I look back and some of the things we argued over are hysterical.
Admit when you’re wrong and always remember to respect one another. This is key. Your relationship will be tested but don’t say things that will be remembered and hurtful.

This is a huge adjustment..and will take some time getting used to.
You have a new life that solely relies on you for their every need. That is a lot of pressure for new parents

Don’t introduce bottle too soon or could confuse baby and they refuse to breastfeed. Reason is bottle feeding is easier for baby. Milk comes out more and quicker therefor they get lazy and don’t want to suckle at the breast.

Encourage your partner to have a diaper party prior to baby’s arrival. You will go through so many of those darn things.

Baby wipes make really good make up remover pads. Inexpensive and effective.

Dreft is the best smelling laundry detergent that just smells like a little newborn baby’s skin

Get all the help you can. When people offer to come over..say yes. Always ask for them to bring food. You will not feel like cooking for at least a couple weeks. Your appetite will be low due to the pain meds but remember to eat. So important if you are breastfeeding

You…again will not be getting much sleep so rest when baby is sleeping. You have to nap when people come over. Though it may be hard. Your baby will be ok. Always make people use hand sanitizer before holding baby. If anyone is or has been sick..this could put the baby in icu since their little immune systems aren’t working just yet.

Invest in the happiest baby on the block dvd. Such a life saver. The 5 s’s are key. Joe really got the swaddle down. I mean she looks like a little cacooon all wrapped up. Also sleep sacs are good to. These make it to where baby cannot move their arms which is so important in that first month. They are so immature and need to feel like still in the womb.

Must haves:
Rocking/glider chair
Bassinet with rollers
Breast pump – may seem daunting at first but so key to have
Hands free pumping bra
Swaddle blankets/ swaddle sacs
Chico key fit car seat and snap stroller
Car seat cover / canopy
10 sets of plain white onesies
Allocated changing area
Butt paste
Ton of diapers

I have tried multiple swings and baby carriers. Really have yet to find one she loves.

Avery was born in the heart of winter so if you are going to have visitors, make sure they have gotten their tdap shots and have not been sick in past month. Or have not been around sick people. Also, they must always sanitize before holding baby. Minimal sickness to adults can send a newborn to icu for days. Not good to risk it.

It will go by so fast. I brought Avery home from the hospital and she barely weighed 6lb. She now weighs 8lb 12oz at one month. She is growing so fast and I realize what everyone says is these times will fly by.

She is the most precious beautiful healthy baby and we are so blessed. Blessed beyond belief on the miracle we created and I wouldn’t trade the responsibility of her for anything in this world. It truly is phenonenal in knowing you love something way beyond yourself and would do anything to protect and keep them safe.

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