From My Story / My Heart to Yours…..New Life….Chapter 1

Oh Gosh where to even begin. I realize I have not posted since I was last posting about pregnancy updates. Well….I have since had my baby girl. She will be 3 years in two months!!! Crazy how time flies after you have a child. Literally your world is turned upside down, and I mean that in the best way possible. Miss Avery Faye, has not only provided my life with the greatest joy possible and given me the deepest purpose and sense of accomplishment, but she saved my life. LITERALLY. So I have returned to the platform of writing and trust me when I say…I am no blogger. But I…just like each and every one of you have a story. I enjoy writing, as I find it extremely therapeutic, but I truly….and I say this from the deepest part of my soul….love helping people. And if through writing in telling my story I can help just one person…then hey, that is a WIN.

So over the course of the next few months I will be writing content more so targeted to #women. I believe that women are the strongest creatures on this planet earth. We CAN and DO do it all. I am not going on a crazy rant / soap box / or leading any sort of woman campaigns by any means, but I do want through my voice, yours to be heard. You are not alone. I have been through what you are going through and vice versa. We can somehow always relate at some capacity. Why? Because we are women. We are compassionate and caring. We have a deep sense of intuition and empathy. Anyway….stay tuned. Would like to inform you all of what I Have been up to the past three years. I think you might find it quite intriguing. I will go in detail of “My story”, just like you have a story. From childhood to now a single mommy. From my struggles with an eating disorder. An absentee father. A marriage to the birth of my first child. To the divorce straight to dating a psychopath. Starting a new business and everything in between.

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