Hey, what do you guys think of pick up lines?!!?

haha I know this seems almost unnecessary to write about, but really IT IS NOT. I have done some research and found out that guys really do struggle with the initial approach to a beautiful girl. And lets be honest….us girls have never had to be the ones to initiate conversation with guys, so therefor we cannot relate. I can’t even imagine having to be the one to go up to the opposite sex ALL the time, especially if this particular person was out of my league. Why??? For fear of rejection!!

But from what I have found, guys can get really intimidated, buckle up, and sound like a total tool. I mean they will come up and say some of the most ridiculous things, riiiiight??? UGH!!! Like They comment on your headband or hey, sorry I had to stop you because you are so beautiful. Now, most of us will be huge bitches and blow these guys off, but that is not cool. I know what they are saying is probably pathetic and a little annoying, but we should at least appreciate the effort, be nice, and move on.

Why I am writing this is because I want to hear what works with most girls??? In my experience, I like a guy that will walk straight up with confidence and just keep it simple with a “hey, I’m ******, what’s your name?” Period. (Ashton Kutcher says it best in SPREAD) Next, the second level question should be something authentic, but detail oriented, such as something she is wearing that isn’t the most obvious. That’s it. This will spark conversation in us, right?? I want to hear a round table of what girls have heard and what works with you…..what do you like??? None of us like a cheesy bar pick up, but what can this guy say to you to put your guard down and engage??????!!!

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