Why do some girls dissapear when they get a boyfriend?!?!

Ok, omg seriously this is one of the most annoying/unhealthy things you can possibly do in a relationship!!! HELLOOOOOO!! We all know that being with your boyfriend is fun, comfortable, and a true contentment. But, to be with them 24/7 and basically write off your girlfriends is not cool. Not only will your friends be hurt, but they will miss you.  I mean you don’t want to be that girl that gets a boyfriend and all your friends say behind your back, “well goodbye to her…won’t see her for a while.” And this is ALWAYS said about the girls that do this. Real talk. Not only do your friends talk, but this is not good for the longevity of the relationship. As you two become more reclusive, the relationship becomes more mundane and routine. Think about it….think of all your relationships that started out hot and heavy, you spent every waking moment with them, but it fizzled out, right?!?!? I learned this a long ass time ago. You need alone time with your friends, you need girls nights, you need nights where your boyfriend comes out with your friends, and nights where you go out with his, etc. That is a healthy balance for a long term relationship. Remember, its not a sprint….but a marathon. ha I know that is cheesy, but very true my friends.

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