People who jump from relationship to relationship….is it healthy??

Whether this be a good friend of yours or an aqaintance, we ALL Know who these “relationship hoppers” are. These people like the idea of having someone around, but are always looking for the next best thing. In theory, this is the perfect situation right? I mean you have someone there to validate you and make you feel good AND you are NOT fully committing your heart to them. So when the next best thing just happens to magically appear, you have NO problem Jumping ship. This process actually becomes second nature and breaking hearts just kinda goes along with the pattern. Who wouldn’t want this?!?!? No commitment, no heart break, no fear, no sense of abandonment, someone falls for you, makes you feel good, does sweet things for you, strokes your ego and alllllll the while, you are secretly or even subconsciously welcome the idea of someone else catching your eye and immediately you’re up for the challenge!! Yaaa!

Doesn’t this sound appealing?!?!?

Well it shouldn’t!!! This by NOOO means should sound like a happy or healthy way of living, yet many of us continue to do it. We either get comfortable with the validation we are currently seeking from that significant other we spend time with or just plain comfortable of being in A relationship…when you know damn well you are NOT nor will you ever love this person. Being alone is a scary thing… is. Heartbreak is a very scary thing….and it hurts BAAAD, but these are all great learning experiences and shape us as humans. ALWAYS being in a relationship is depriving you from truly being ALONE and getting to know who YOU really are. This is crucial in your 20’s.

I will fully admit I have been extremely guilty of this. I have jumped from relationship to relationship and not allowed myself to shape/grow into the woman I truly am. I blame no one, but myself. You will NEVER meet someone and have a healthy relationship if you are NOT single, alone, and content with YOU, YOURSELF, AND YOU. Being alone is when you do the most reflection on the past, develop a clearer understanding of what you want, and when you least expecting it……….and you’re truly content with YOU, then something great will be RIGHT in front of your face!! 🙂


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