Heather Faye

December 16th: Sun-Sagittarius FREE SPIRITĀ 

As a sociable networker with idealistic notions, you are an ambitious and a cosmopolitan Sagittarian who enjoys social encounters. Confident and charismatic, you can win approval with your charm and friendly personality. Intelligent and with a penetrating intellect, you have excellent communication skills and enjoy learnging, debating, and discussions. Since you are also witty, with a sense of humor, you have a way with people and can be engaging and amusing. When overly confident or moody, however, avoid being cynical or using your sharp tongue to create tension and disputes.

Numerology: The number 16 birthday suggests that you are thoughtful, compassionate, and friendly. Although analytical, you often judge life and people according to how you feel. You may also need to find a balance between being overly confident and insecure. Positive: knowledgeable, value the sanction of a home and family, integrity, intuitive, social. Negative: worry, never satisfied, opinionated, skeptical.

Love and Relationships: Knowing people from different backgrounds implies that you like mixing in various circles. Friendly and easygoing, with a good sense of humor, you enjoy being sociable and having fun. Young at heart and passionate, you want to experience different types of relationships and need to avoid settling down too early in life. Usually you are attracted to those who are artistically talented or creative in business. Self-conscious , you like to present a smart image and impress others, often making spontaneous and magnanimous gestures of kindness. You are hospitable, enjoy having friends over, and can be very entertaining.

Honestly not much of an astrologist, nor do I even know if I believe in it, but the above mentioned is pretty right ON!

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